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Italian Rose FAQs

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Are your products gluten free?


Q: Are your products peanut free?


Q:  What is in your products besides vegetables?

The clean flavor comes from our farm-fresh vegetables, never additives like sugar, corn syrup, or vinegar. We use preservatives, to extend their shelf life in your refrigerator.

Q:  Are any of your ingredients cooked?

Our produce is never cooked, pre-packaged or over-handled; our vegetables are never heat-treated like drummed tomatoes (which can be cooked up to 200 degrees). We maintain strict quality and freshness standards with minimal production steps, allowing our products to retain all its natural flavor and texture.

Q:  Generally, how long do Italian Rose products last in the refrigerator?

For best results use our products within 7 days of opening.