Farmer picking fresh tomatoes for Italian Rose products

About Italian Rose

Italian Rose Garlic Products LLC

Italian Rose Garlic Products LLC is a manufacturer and distributor of salsas, dips, sauces and spreads for retail stores and restaurants.

Italian Rose was founded in 1979, and for over 30 years we have built our business based on one simple concept… we can deliver a superior flavor experience that customers will remember!


Italian Rose

Italian Rose creates a wide variety of truly exceptional artisan-style products ranging from dips and sauces to prepared, ready-to-use garlic and other staple products for the retail and food-service industries.

La Mexicana

La Mexicana Food Products is a maker of refrigerated salsa. The company’s salsa producing operations began in 1982, and use only fresh vegetables – none of the company’s salsa ingredients are cooked, canned, dehydrated, or frozen.

La Mexicana is one of the leading salsa brands in the country, manufacturing and distributing refrigerated products that have helped redefine industry standards.

Tabla Fresca Farmstand 

Tabla Fresca Farmstand makes salsas from a generations-old recipe with farm-fresh ingredients. Authentic and flavorful, the salsa is made with vine-ripened tomatoes, savory spices, and hand-cut vegetables. Tabla Fresca Farmstand products are gluten-free and contain no added sugars, high fructose corn syrup, binders, juices, or pastes, purees, or fillers.